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Mollie Jeanette. <3
831 California. <3
23 years old. <3 Shameless Sailor Moon addict. <3 Clairvoyant/ Empath <3 Keeping an open mind and a lifted soul. <3


  • inner senshi plushies individually & box set
  • Luna pouch & tissue box holder
  • LE eyeliner box sets
  • Sailor Mars figuarts

Prices start from $4!!! Links to buy everything located at the official merchandise shopping guide. Hurry to be in time for Christmas!!! :D


PS: I’m thankful for all you assholes.

You make me bonkers, but you’re mine.


Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Mars 「火野 レイ- Hino Rei」
  ➘ requested by nyuras.


I LOVE YOU GUYS! In Celebration of 10,000 Moonies I’m holding a giveaway <3 I want to express my appreciation and adoration of you all =^^=


  1. First place is a set of 5 (FIVE) Sailor Moon Gashpon Compacts. {Note: These are PRE ordered, product is not out yet}
  2. Fully working mirrored compact with Sailor Moon design. {Note: in the event this item is sold out a comparable item of 25$ will be offered}
  3. Simple Customized Sailor Moon Layout

Rules and Info:

  • Must be following this blog, this is a thank you to those who support me and share their love with me.
  • Will pay for shipping to all US residents, will ship items internationally ONLY if winner will help with postal cost (sorry but shipping some times costs more than the item)
  • Can reblog once a day until contest ends. {Notes: You can NOT reblog twice to catch up. I will be going through your Archives to confirm this}
  • No using multiple blogs to enter
  • Giveaway blogs are fine
  • Must be willing to provide NAME and ADDRESS
  • I am liable to change, update or modify these rules at any time during this giveaway.

Giveaway ends on December 6th.

{Small Note: this ends during my College Finals time, and I will be traveling Internationally soon after so there may be a small delay with these items}

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together we are united